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Mike Davidson's Impossible Repairs is a Hit!

The TSD client's documentary series airs on Smithsonian Channel, Paramount+, and AppleTV

Impossible Repairs is an exciting new documentary series that takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the world’s biggest and most complicated machines to explore the dirtiest jobs and the most remarkable missions of hardhat heroes from across the globe.

Massive machines and complicated operations are at the forefront of every episode, as host Mike Davidson embeds himself with the crews responsible for dealing with the daily dangers that lurk around every corner on the rails, in the air, and out on the water. Small complications can turn into major issues in a heartbeat, so the amazing pilots, drivers, engineers, and mechanics who Mike follows are under constant pressure. It’s survival in the mechanical world.

Mike’s instincts and knowledge within these environments is unparalleled and he’s always ready as crews dig into the guts and bolts of these beast-like machines, to keep them running, get the job done and, ultimately, finish the mission.

Mike's next project is a middle grade fiction series that incorporates his real-world experiences into adventure stories for kids! Contact us today for more information about this exciting property.


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