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Graphic Novels

As one of the fastest growing segments of publishing, comic books and graphic novels have the indelible ability to build vibrant, immersive worlds and engage readers. Sequential storytelling is a specialty of The Story Division team. Whether crafted from original art or from movie stills, the end result is books that fans love. 

Original Art

The Story Division works with top comic talent from around the world, crafting hand-drawn stories and characters across an extensive range of styles, including European, North American, manga, and more. From thumbnails to lettering, our studio takes care of every aspect of the comic creation, and our comic book editors manage the process seamlessly. 


Cinestories are comics made from existing video content. The Story Division’s studio specializes in translating these stories from the screen to the page using animation cels or movie stills. The result is movies and tv shows that you can read, complete with lettering, sound effects, and dynamic page layouts. 

Our licensing team is available to work with you to identify properties that we can develop as graphic novels together. 

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