When detention requires investigative journalism, the result is

The Breakfast Club meets Veronica Mars

When a diverse group of trouble-making kids is tasked with starting an old-fashioned newspaper in order to graduate, they expect it to be boring torture. As they become friends and start to get the hang of student journalism, they start to realize that maybe it isn’t so boring after all, especially when it’s starting to seem like everything at their school isn’t quite as it seems. Can this misfit group of rebels hold it together long enough to crack the case and expose the truth?

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When your dreams come true, life is full of surprises!

What if your dreams didn’t stick to when you were asleep, but instead inserted themselves into your everyday life? That’s Astrid’s reality—her dreams literally come true, bursting into her life uninvited and leaving chaos in their wake. Astrid has always had what her mother calls an active imagination, telling stories of sloths in the laundry room and pirates taking over the bathtub. On her twelfth birthday, she wakes up from a dream filled with fantasy creatures and heads to just another day at Middletown Middle School, where she comes face to face with a fire-breathing dragon that bears a striking resemblance to mean Mrs. Drake!

Can causing bad days ever be a good deed?

It’s Lulu’s last year of Fairy Academy, and she’s determined to make it the best year ever. With her besties by her side and her future on the horizon, nothing can possibly go wrong… except for everything! First the school’s popular ‘good’ fairies take a decided disliking to her, going out of their way to make school a nightmare. Then, at the senior selection ceremony, where the rest of her life is decided, she is declared to be a bad day fairy. Not an evil fairy, just a boring old bad day fairy.


The laughingstock of the senior class, Lulu has to come to terms with her depressing new identity as someone who causes humans to have bad days. In learning about her powers and stretching her wings as the newest baddie on the block, Lulu realizes that maybe her role isn’t such a bad one after all. Maybe, by causing bad days, she helps people appreciate the good days all the more.

When classic literary characters meet the Sunday funnies, anything can happen!

Classic literature with a modern twist, Classic! reveals what happens to our favourite literary characters outside of the pages of their books. Before their stories began, after their happily ever afters, and between favourite scenes, these hilarious and light-hearted strips and stories expand the worlds of literature’s most well-loved characters. From Frankenstein’s monster to Elizabeth Bennett, from Mr. Rochester to the Invisible Man, each strip captures the literary canon of yesteryear like you’ve never seen it before!

She’s a scientist, she’s a princess, and she’s here to save the day!

Libby isn’t your typical princess. A recent survivor of a horrible curse, she sets out on a quest to save others from dark magic by using a scientific curse-busting invention of her own creation. Eager to put her invention to the test, Libby embarks in search of people to rescue, and along the way meets friends and foes of both the scientific and magical persuasion. When her curse-busting device is stolen by someone with mischief in mind and the whole kingdom is at risk, Libby must use every ounce of her smarts to save it!

Gods of mischief and BFFs Loki, Eris, and Set have decided to put their skills for matchmaking and chaos to the ultimate test in this mythology meets The Bachelor graphic novel.

The gods of mischief have gotten bored. And they’re about to make it everyone else’s problem.


The only thing keeping BFFs Loki, Eris, and Set entertained these days is trashy reality TV. But why should they merely spectate when they could create? So, the chaos gods conjure up a production studio and invite an eclectic cast of Norse, Greek, and Egyptian deities to try and find true love—on camera, of course.


Contestants like cat lady Freya, hot mess Dionysus, and zombie nature god Osiris are bewildered at first but decide to play along. Disastrous dates, dangerous challenges, surprise proposals and mid-season twists—all of these and more play out in the Chaos Trio’s smash hit reality show. But there’s something more important everyone should be worried about: who is watching?

They started by serving time and ended up with a time machine!

Sometimes being the smart kids lands you in hot water with the principal, especially when your curiosity leads you to ‘accidentally borrow’ some rather combustible items from the science room. But putting the genius science kids in detention with ingenious school troublemakers has unexpected results, as they work together on a plan that bends space and time.

In this wild twist on three classic stories, Dorothy Gale has gone rogue, and it’s up to Wendy Darling and Alice to break her curse or bring her down trying.

In the seven years since her first fateful trip to Oz, Dorothy Gale has become a legend. She slew the Wicked Witches, restored peace to the land, crossed the Great Sandy Waste, hopped dimensions, and hunted the magical threats to other magical countries. She’s known throughout the universe as Dorothy Witch Hunter.


But something is going wrong. Dorothy was never able to take off the magical Silver Shoes that took her home to Kansas, and now, starting from her ankles up, Dorothy is starting to turn green, just like the first two witches she killed all those years ago. The only thing that seems to slow the corruption is witches’ blood, so Dorothy, along with her direwolf Toto, are on a dimension-spanning witch hunt to find a cure. In a desperate counter move, the witches of the world decide to hire the Pirate Killer, Wendy Darling, and Wonderland’s Queen Slayer, Alice. Follow the yellow brick road to a world of chaos and adventure as these infamous heroines face off, team up, and save the world.

The fire keeps the dark away...

“Draw nearer, draw nearer; In the gloaming, in the gloaming; come sing and be merry . . .” Aren’t we all a little bit afraid of that something that is hiding in the dark? You can’t put your finger on it, but you know it’s there, hiding just out of sight. Celebrate the fun in the fright with Draw Nearer, a series that harkens back to the hugely successful family horror franchises of the 80s, like Tales from the Crypt and Creepshow. Stranger Things meets Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark in this anthology series that celebrates that which lurks just outside of the firelight.

Never Have I Ever meets Kingsman in this tale of magic, secret societies, and middle school drama.

When Lexie founds the Unicorn Appreciation Club at her junior high, she expects it to be a fun excuse to spend more time with her best friends. She doesn’t anticipate that a rival club dedicated to dragons will be started by her nemesis, Luke, or that the groups will become the ‘it’ thing at school, with nearly every student picking a side, showing their allegiance on their social media. As magical creature fever spikes throughout the city (and beyond!) Lexie and Luke draw the attention of a secret society who enlist their help on a quest that maybe isn’t quite what it seems.

All for one and one for all!

For her whole life, headstrong Dartie has dreamed of following in her mother’s path and studying at the elite Paris Academy to become a Musketeer—a magical swordswoman and guardian of Justice. After a whirlwind of troubles Dartie makes it into the Academy, only to discover it’s nothing like what she imagined.


Dartie finds out she needs to train with senior students Ara, Portia, and Athena, instead proving herself on her own. She also has to enter a dangerous tournament to earn the enchanted Musketeer Regalia that will unlock her full powers. Not to mention the Musketeers have a bitter rivalry with the other student house at Paris Academy, the Red Guards, and devious Vice-Principal Richards always takes their side.


Dartie is determined to prove herself, though, and she soon realizes that Ara, Portia, and Athena aren’t nearly as bad as they seemed. In her journey at Paris Academy, Dartie will discover the depths of her courage and the true magic of friendship and teamwork.


This is The Three Musketeers like you’ve never seen it before.

The offline adventures of a house filled with creative teens who are always online.

They are almost the most famous teenagers in the world. Not quite popular enough to join the top content houses, they decide to come together to create their own, despite all having different niches and audiences. With millions of followers, thousands of hours of content, fans from around the globe. Now, they’ve come together as Socials, the elite mansion pumping out some of the most in-demand videos, gaming streams, pictures, and stories. But living in the dream house comes with its own drama, and sometimes its stars can’t help but wonder how they ended up here! Following Trent, Becky, Jason, and Chloe from their first posts through the insanity of instant fame and the realities of living in a house of creative kids who are always online.

An imaginative and heartwarming picture book about curious cat astronaut Stella learning how to make friends with those who are different from her.

This charming outer space adventure will encourage young readers to play around with  animal sounds and to be patient when they encounter the unknown. Stella the Astronaut Cat is both a celebration of exploration and discovery, and a gentle metaphor for embracing what we have in common rather than what makes us different.

A unicorn, a phoenix, and a dragon are on the quest of a lifetime: don’t get eaten.

Bo, an overconfident unicorn has spent his entire life being pampered by servants and having his every whim attended to. But when Bo realizes he is being raised to be ceremonially eaten by a cult, he stages a break-out. In one chaotic afternoon, Bo escapes the castle along with Agnes the dragon, a terrifying but sweet dragon, and Iggy, a sarcastic daredevil phoenix from a travelling carnival. Together, these dysfunctional magical creatures will have to find their way through a zany fantasy landscape to a sanctuary, all the while avoiding the feast cult, angry duke and his army, and sinister carnival members.

The Magic School Bus meets Who Was? in a colourful adventure

through history’s forgotten tales.

With mischievous good humor, a teacher from a distant future teaches her students by having them chase her through moments in history that provide examples of courage, perseverance, and dignity. True Adventures combines graphic novel adventures with historical and curricular elements that teachers, librarians and parents love. Action-packed stories focus on remarkable people from different eras. From pirates to gamblers, zombie hunters to inventors, these aren’t your typical history class heroes, but while their names may not be widely known they helped shape history through their true adventures.