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Audiobooks & Podcasts 

Our state of the art facility includes 6 studios featuring 5.1 surround mixing capabilities, video playback, and an accompanying recording floor. Alongside our main studios are 13 production suites handling everything from music composition to sound design and foley. 

Our tools and expertise help us ignite the imaginations of listeners in exciting new ways and bring audiobook and podcast experiences to life in ways never before imagined. 



From concept to final files, our team brings the highest standard of production values to each and every one of our projects. Whether audio originals or  adaptations of existing works, single narrator or full cast productions, our skilled team creates fully produced audiobooks from start to finish. 


With expertise in audio production, we can bring your podcasting vision to life--from recording and mixing original music and sound design to meticulously fine-tuning your final mix for delivery. Our team will pay attention to every detail of your podcast’s sound, covering everything from unique voices and compelling storylines, to engaging musical themes and rich soundscapes. 

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