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Lino DiSalvo Premieres New Holiday Special

The Story Division client has directed a new holiday classic!

On Tuesday, November 29, CBS will premiere the new one-hour holiday animated special Reindeer in Here. Based on the award-winning Christmas book and plush set created by acclaimed author Adam Reed and written for the screen by Greg Erb & Jason Oremland, the special tells the story of Blizzard (Blizz), a young reindeer living at the North Pole who has an unusual trait — one antler that is significantly smaller than the other — and his friends who band together to save the future of Christmas.

Click here to read more from Animation Magazine.

Lino’s next project is also holiday-themed with I Hate Halloween delivering a magical story of a girl who can’t stand anything about that scary day and yet only she has the power to save it. It’s a publishing-first project but we anticipate significant interest in film and tv development given Lino’s track record and experience. Contact us today to learn more!


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