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2022 Highlights 

Thanks to our fantastic clients and partners for a great 2022. Looking forward to being a part of your story in 2023! 


Trust is a story about a woman's quest to use blockchain to protect her community from cultural and ecological destruction. The Story Division packaged this educational graphic novel, including converting from traditional print comic to web comic layout. 

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Big Nate Adapted Graphic Novel

Created using dazzling art from the hit new animated TV series on Paramount+ and Nickelodeon, The Story Division packaged these dynamic graphic novels for Andrews McMeel. 

Recent Projects

JoJo's Sweet Adventures

The Story Division packaged this licensed Nickelodeon graphic novel series starring superstar JoJo Siwa for Abrams' Amulet Books. Our skilled writers, talented artists, and expert editors are adept at working with licensed properties of all kinds.


Active Proposals

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Impossible Quests

From mechanical expert Mike Davidson, creator and host of Smithsonian Channel's hit documentary series Impossible Repairs comes a thrilling graphic novel series for young readers!

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I Hate Halloween

A magical Halloween coming-of-age graphic novel from an all-star storytelling team!

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12-year-old Autumn Maple hates the childish whimsy of Halloween, a celebration that her twin brother, August, uses to further torment her with his stupid pranks. She’s soon shocked to learn that she has magical powers and must reluctantly use them to save the holiday, her hometown, and even her annoying twin from a scheming band of skeletons.

From animator Lino DiSalvo and writers Michael Snyder and Allen White, this holiday story is full of Halloween magic!

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The Deity Game

Mischievous gods put their matchmaking and chaos skills to the ultimate test in this 

binge-worthy graphic novel that combines the legends of mythology with the addictiveness 

of reality tv.

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Talking Time

Late Night meets Phineas & Ferb when two twelve-year-olds create a wormhole that releases ‘guests’ from different places, realities, and times into their basement studio in this children's fiction podcast!

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 2.42.44 PM.png

12-year-olds Kyle and Dominique have a podcast talk show which they record in Kyle’s basement. Desperate to increase listenership, Kyle buys a gizmo that guarantees to create excitement, but instead they rip a fissure in the time-space continuum and a giant blue Jello monster oozes through!


This is the answer to their ratings problem: they will keep this accident secret and cover the hole in Kyle's basement wall with a shower curtain so they can regularly release a totally unique (and surprise!) guest from behind the curtain, interview him/her/it and then send it back. What could go wrong? 

Enigma 3

When an earthquake at the Enigma comic book shop gives three teenagers superpowers, they jump into action using their powers to make their dreams of parties and popularity come true, but when something starts trying to kill them, the boys are forced to step up and figure out what’s going on. Can they save themselves (and maybe the world) without flunking out of school? 

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Dark Threads

 The gripping story of Dark Threads will keep readers at the edge of their seats as they follow Dominic Monaghan’s future-fictional AI adventure. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 12.49.52 PM.png

 A future-fictional version of actor and activist Dominic Monaghan invents an advanced AI with the hopes he can better humankind. To accelerate his progress, he attempts to copy his consciousness into the AI but the transfer is only partially successful. Half of Dominic remains in his physical body while the other is trapped inside the computer in the form of U-Dom. Now he must choose between returning

U-Dom to his body or releasing the remainder to the computer to create the singularity that seems inevitable to human evolution. 

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Lexy the Rap Dad

Drake meets Robert Munsch in Dragons’ Den favorite Lexy the Rap Dad! Lexy partnered with Dragons' Den's Wes Hall to self-publish and locally distribute 14 ‘rap-a-long’ board books and is looking for a publishing

home for his unique brand of rhyming storytelling in all-new formats with

all-new illustrations!

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Adventure Snack

Adventure Snack is an interactive short

story quest book where YOU are the hero! 

This collection brings together dozens of micro-‘choose your path’ stories,

harkening back to classic adventure gamebooks from the 1980s.

Adventure Snack

A blend of homage and innovation made the Adventure Snack newsletter a three-time "Featured Publication" on Substack. This book of interactive short stories is designed for the adventurer on a time crunch. Dive into and complete a short, self-contained adventure in less time than it takes to find your dice bag. This book transforms every free moment into an opportunity to go on a quest! If you love games, humor, and surprises, this is your journey.

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Beyond the Silver Screen

Beyond the Silver Screen: Cinema and Color explores the variety of ways color plays an important role in film, from its production to a recurring motif to character development. Covering a wide range of movies, from classics to recent hits, this book touches on all genres of film—from animated movies to blockbusters and period dramas, spanning the history of filmmaking.

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The Raccoons

Introducing a new generation to an animated classic!

Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 2.13.45 PM.png

A fan-favorite classic cartoon, with an ahead-of-its-time ecological message, The Raccoons is beloved by a generation, and enjoying a resurgence of popularity as it reaches new audiences online and  launches on streaming services. The show ran throughout the ‘80s and early ‘90s in 180 countries worldwide, on the Disney Channel, the BBC, and CBC. and holds a special place in the hearts of adults who fondly remember its colorful characters, environmental messages, and multi-dimensional villains.

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